How to set up Summer Holidays in Thankyou Payroll

Summer holidays are coming up and payroll can be tricky with the public holidays.

Some of your employees might work on public holidays, or have time off, and could also be taking annual leave. You’ll need to add all the different types into your timesheets before you run your next pays.

Here's a short [3 minute] video showing how you can easily set up your timesheets in Thankyou Payroll.

Holiday Period 2019_20

Also, you'll find some more information in our Support Documents:

If you need help, or have any questions, please call us on 0800 895 146 or send us an email to

Here's a link to the Employment New Zealand website if you need more information about public holidays and your obligations as an employer.

And here's a handy calendar so you can see which days can be paydays.


If you need help with setting up holidays send an email to, or call us on 0800 895 146.

Happy holidays!

The team at Thankyou Payroll